Introducing Business Link Wroclaw: Official Venue of #SWWro 2!


The newly opened Wroclaw’s Business Link headquarters will host the second edition of #SWWro, announced for May 24th-26th, exactly one year after its astonishing first celebration.

During these 365 days, the city has undergone several positive changes in what concerns the consolidation of the local startup scene. Indeed, the fact that Business Link Wroclaw has decided to open a center for business development here is owed to the latent potential that resides in our beloved city.

Events like Google 4 Entrepreneurs, Geek Girls Carrots, HackWro and BarCamp; together with conferences like TedX or Creativro; plus awesome initiatives such as WrOpenUp, have contributed to empower the local ecosystem. However, we haven’t had enough yet and we are still hungry for more success stories. That’s why we decided to put up a second edition of #SWWro and partner with Business Link Wroclaw, whose corporation culture is based on three pillars: Services, Community & Education, which form a unique mix that enables companies to grow their businesses and expand internationally.

To all entrepreneurs and startups, Business Link Wroclaw offers a package of comprehensive services: comfortable workplace, meeting rooms with multimedia, attorney’s advice, postbox management and much more. Additionally, it organizes numerous courses and workshops as well as coaching and mentoring sessions tailored to the needs of a given company. Not to mention the value of high quality networking opportunities that Business Link Wroclaw facilitates, as it brings together people and companies aiming at achieving global business success.

Still haven’t visited #SWWro official venue? Have a look at this gallery or pop in anytime at Ul. Rzeźnicza 28 and get informed!