BabbMap: Presentation of Startup Weekend Wroclaw Winner


A team of 8 people –divided into 3 developers, 2 graphic designers and 3 non techs– worked really hard during Startup Weekend Wroclaw to create BabbMap, the application that convinced judges unanimously to be declared winners of the event.

Based on the true story of Damian Huba, a Polish who lived three years in Taiwan and experienced problems to find language partners, BabbMap pretends to spread the knowledge of languages for free “anytime, anywhere”.

The final presentation of BabbMap was a perfect example of how a Startup Weekend pitch has to be. A quick definition of what the product is, the problem that is trying to solve –embellished with a personal case– and a clear business model with customer validation, monetization strategy and short/long term goals.

BabbMap also passed with good grade the two questions from judges, explaining that they are going to focus on cities like London, Madrid, Berlin and Paris because of the language diversity. There was even a moment for humor when one of the developers from the team refused to take the microphone that Damian offered him!

BabbMap Pitch at SWWro

Congratulations to BabbMap for winning Startup Weekend Wroclaw!

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