Startup Weekend Wroclaw Milestones & Numbers


When it comes about the repercussion of Startup Weekend Wroclaw we must have a look at the numbers –they never lie– reached by the event. Have a look at the numeric summary of #SWWro!


Without any doubt, official website of Startup Weekend Wroclaw was the most visited one, not only during the event but whole May.

  • Up to 8.000 viewed pages
  • Over 5.000 visits to our homepage
  • Over 1.000 visits to our posts
  • PageRank 4


Social Networks have been a hive of activity all May long. Among other milestones, #SWWro was Trending Topic in Poland the three days of the event, helping to put Wroclaw on the European startups’ map.

  • Facebook Likes: 319 –and counting–
  • Twitter Followers: 165 –and counting–
  • Over 10.000 Facebook users reached during the week of the event
  • Over 500 mentions from different websites


Since the very beginning of Startup Weekend Wroclaw it was our aim to organize an international event. Having people from all around the world at Wroclaw was a must-do for all of us.

  • Some of the countries that were present at #SWWro: Poland, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, France, UK, Taiwan, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Colombia, Netherlands…
  • Countries that #SWWro reached through Facebook: Poland, Germany, UK,  Spain, USA, Portugal, Finland, Norway and Denmark.


Even though Wroclaw never heard before about Startup Weekend, the first edition of the event in our town exceeded all expectations.

  • Participants: 100 – We raised the limit allowed by Startup Weekend and a few persons remained on the waiting list, the queue for initial pitches started at the scenario and had its end  on the back of the Auditorium.
  • Audience: Up to 100 people attended the Auditorium on Sunday to be part of the action, some of them even bought the ticket at the entrance few minutes before gala started.


The following numbers proof that Startup Weekend Wroclaw was not another event, but one of a kind!

  • 54 hours of REAL action  – Special thanks to Hala Stulecia for letting participants use the facilities 24 hours
  • 20 liters of homemade beer served for free – Special thanks to ‘beermaster’ Filip Glowacz
  • 420 sandwiches delivered during the whole weekend


There is no number big enough to express how grateful we are to all of you for helping us make a remarkable, legendary, unforgettable Startup Weekend


Soon we will have a full detailed report of how many people joined #SWWro on Live Streaming