Startup Weekend is Coming to Wroclaw


The most brilliant entrepreneurs, creative web designers and efficient software developers will have the opportunity to team up their talents during the celebration of Startup Weekend Wroclaw this May.

What is Startup Weekend?

A 54-hour event where youngsters with background in the mentioned skills –business management, web design, software development– come together with the purpose of building a web/smartphone application during one weekend.

The process starts on Friday, with the initial pitches followed by first votes to decide which ideas will make it to the Sunday final presentations, followed by the teaming up moment, which consists in convincing those attendees with the skills you might need to build your startup to join you. Also on Friday there are interesting conferences about entrepreneurism and Internet.

Saturday is a must-work day when teams develop their projects: mockups, programming, PR… Everything has to be ready by Sunday morning, when the time comes to concentrate on the final presentation, during which teams will show the jury what they have created in 54 hours, plus answer questions that judges will shoot. Everything on live streaming!

Startup Weekend is a globally recognized brand that has already visited Poland a few times with similar events organized in Warsaw, Szczecin, Poznan, or recently in Krakow, where one of the attendees was 10 years old! Since the first Startup Weekend, more than 400 congresses have been celebrated, and over 5.000 applications have been developed thanks to more than 45.000 participants.

Why should you attend Startup Weekend Wroclaw?

Multiple reasons might convince you to attend Startup Weekend Wroclaw. There is the opportunity to develop your own project, to find investment for your ideas, valuable networking, and generally to live a unique experience.

Soon we will publish the venue and exact date of Startup Weekend Wroclaw, which surely will be assembled late in May.

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